We are very sad to report that after a heroic struggle Karl’s cancer advanced suddenly in the last week and that he went on to eternity Sunday evening. He held on just long enough for a couple members of the family to fly in and for everyone to be around him to say goodbye – until we see him again. We have included his obituary below.

We have learned that cancer is insidious and we believe that the time will come when the Karl’s of this world will find a cure in the fight against this beast. There should be a law that no child can go before a parent because that isn’t the natural order of things.

We want to thank everyone for their steadfast prayers, many good thoughts, and constant well wishes. We still don’t understand it, but we do believe that God has a plan and one day we will know the reason for all of this. We also know that Karl was a positive influence and left this world a better place than what he found. He was a giver, not a taker. We are grateful for 28 years with our son and consider him a true blessing. The cancer took his life, but it did not, and could not, take his indomitable spirit.

May God bless and keep everyone,

Bill and Carole Jean Stockhausen